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Fifty films to be screened in Riyadh on Sunday as part of Salam contest for short films for civilizational communication

Riyadh, As many as 50 short films will be taking part in Salam (peace) short film contest, organized by Salam project for civilizational communication to encourage talented youths and those interested in the field of short films production to present cinema debate on the YouTube website on issues related to the Kingdom's future orientation and vision 2030.

In a special ceremony to be held at the conferences grand gallery at the Saudi Press Agency headquarters, organizers are going to announce names of winners in the participation of international personalities with interest in the Kingdom's culture, legacy and arts who are scheduled to show their experiences in intercommunication and co-existence on the land of Saudi Arabia in addition to launching a number of events on the sidelines of the contest over two successive days.

Most of the works on screen will be focusing on co-existence and third party respect issues, organizers said, adding that the films were designed to reflect the noble mission of the Kingdom, citing its humanitarian and civilization profile and its positive aspect in all fields.

The contest aims at triggering the talents of female and male young film producers to enhance the Saudi society and push for joint dialogue and exchange experiences to disseminate the culture of co-existence.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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