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US Calls for Imposing Fresh Int’l Financial Measurements, on Iran, unless it Signs another 2 Accords

Washington, US State Department has announced that the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has managed to confront urgent challenges, in regard to Iran premeditated failure to address systemic shortcomings of money laundering, terrorist financing and nuclear proliferation.

In a statement issued by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday, FATF has called for running an intensive supervisory checkup for the branches of Iranian-based financial institutions.

Iran's permanent seeking to use tricky ways to finance its illegal activities poses threats to the security and safety of the world financial system, the statement pointed out, calling for the international community to honor its commitments, in this regard.

FATF, for its part, has expressed deep concern over the risks of financing terrorism emanating from Iran, pointing out that after three years of Iran's commitment to a working plan with FATF, most of its main deeds are still incomplete and that it has to sign the two accords of Palermo and terrorism financing, in line with the set standards of FATF, to avoid facing freshly extra measurements (sanctions).

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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