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US envoy for Iran: US won’t allow threats to trade, navigation in Gulf

KUWAIT, US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook has affirmed to Tehran that his country will not allow threats to trade and navigation routes in the Gulf region.

Hook, also Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of State, made his remarks in a press conference Sunday on the sidelines of his current visit to Kuwait.

He noted the US government has made up several "scenarios" to deal with this crisis, adding it has also deployed 1,000 additional soldiers to the region as a "message" to Iran.

The US forces are willing to switch from "defense" mode to "attack" if their country's interests are threatened, Hook affirmed, indicating that Washington intends to impose additional sanctions against Tehran by Monday.

There are currently no direct or indirect communications with Iran, not even "under the table", he said, reiterating US President Donald Trump's denial of reports that claimed he has sent a message to Tehran via Oman.

Hook also said the international community firmly condemns the Iranian government's "revolutionary" nature, and rejects its recent actions in the region such as directing threats and supplying its affiliates with arms.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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