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Information Minister Jamal al-Jarrah patronized Saturday a long eco-tourism day in Ehden, organized by "Upndownbeirut" Website for the first time in Lebanon, in cooperation with the Rene Mouawad Foundation and in partnership with Mist Hotel and Spa Ehden.

In his word during the event, Jarrah thanked all those who contributed to this beautiful, environmental initiative that helps to shed light on the country's remarkable beauty, good climate, warm hospitality and special landmarks, while stressing that this should be a trend followed by all Lebanese in marketing the favorable facets of Lebanon, instead of continuously dwelling on its obstacles.

"It is true that we have some problems, but we have much more beauty. Ehden is an area that must be visited by all Lebanese and it is an area known for its warm hospitality," he added.

"As a Minister of Information, I wanted to be with you today to show all Lebanese media, ambassadors and all our participants, that we must reveal and market all that is beautiful in our country, and that we have touristic areas and good people," Jarrah went on. "We must always look at the full half of the cup, not always at the issues of public waste and problems," he asserted.

It is to note that several diplomats took part in this long eco-tourism day, namely the Ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria, Nigeria, Belgium, Cuba, Argentine, Bangladesh, Indonesia and a senior representative of the Moroccan Embassy, alongside many media officials and prominent figures from the area of Zgharta and Ehden.

Independence Movement Head, MP Michel Mouawad, in turn, expressed a word of welcome to the attending guests in Ehden, the pride of the North.

Afterwards, all participants visited the Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve, where Minister Jarrah, MP Mouawad, the honorable ambassadors and Miss Lebanon each planted a cedar tree in their name, which they promised to come back and visit every year.

Source: National News Agency

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