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President of the Human Rights Commission: “The judgment is evidence of integrity, independence, and efficiency of the judiciary system in the Kingdom.”

Riyadh, Dr. Awwad bin Saleh Alawwad, the President of the Human Rights Commission affirmed that the judgment rendered today by the Court of First Instance against those who are accused of killing Jamal Khashoggi (may God have mercy on him ) is a clear evidence of integrity, independence, and efficiency of the judiciary system, proper administration of justice, and that there is no impunity in the Kingdom. These are principles that are unequivocally stipulated in Saudi laws, most notably the Basic Law of Governance.

Dr. Alawwad pointed out that the judgment followed multiple judicial hearings, in which due process was implemented to ensure a fair trial. Parties to the lawsuit (the accused persons, their attorneys, the society represented by the public prosecution, and the Plaintiff) enjoyed the rights guaranteed to them by Saudi laws, which conform to international fair trial standards.

Dr. Awwad stated that HRC has attended all hearings in this trial, and closely followed its progress in light of relevant Saudi laws, including the Basic Law of Governance, Law of Criminal Procedure, the Law of Procedure Before Sharia Courts,

their Implementing Regulations, and the KSA's obligations under regional and international human rights conventions, as well as other relevant international standards.

He also commended the court hearing the case for its strict commitment to due process despite attempts to obstruct justice by certain parties which sought to exploit the case through media and other platforms, for purposes far from human rights.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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