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Health Ministry Spokesperson: 1141 New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Saudi Arabia 2 Riyadh

For his part, Dr. Majed Al-Disaimani, official spokesman of the public prosecution, said his department has formed a task team for managing crises and risks, under the chairmanship of the undersecretary of the public prosecution. The team put the following strategies and measures to confront any new developments as regards coronavirus crisis.
First: measures to control internal labor environment, reducing personal attendance at work places of the public prosecution to its lowest. Instead, remote dealings will be intensified.
Second: enhancing social illumination for individuals, urging them to take information from official sources and not listening or following rumors.
Third: providing criminal protection for food security, through fighting commercial cheating, and fighting violation of commercial data system and cover-up system as well as trademarks system.
Fourth: providing criminal protection for health security, through providing early teaching for arrivals from abroad including urging them to disclose true information to the authorities in the country.
Fifth: imposing the utmost measures of confronting the disease at custody departments and prisons to reflect the authorities keenness on the safety of inmates and the arrestees for any reason.
Al-Disaimani cited statistics of his department’s achievements during the period from March 15 through April 20. The number of curfew violators amounted to 485, those who broke the privacy of information related to precautionary measures stood at 508, those caught to have circulated harmful rumors hit 41 and other violations tolled at 746, he said.
He added that as many as 275 complaints from prison and custody sites inmates were tackled through the electronic portal of Abshir with 2119 services being remotely extended to beneficiaries.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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