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Iraqi-Saudi Consultations To Cancel Visa Fees For Regular Passports And Entry Visas For Diplomatic Passports

Baghdad The Iraqi ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Qahtan Al-Janabi, announced Iraqi-Saudi consultations to cancel the visa fees for regular passports and entry visas for diplomatic passports.

Al-Janabi said in a press statement: “There are bilateral consultations between Saudi Arabia and Iraq to cancel entry visas for diplomatic passport holders, and abolish visa fees for regular passport holders, to facilitate the movement of citizens between the two countries.”

He added, “The opening of ” Jdeidat Arar “port will make an economic leap for the city of Arar and the nearby cities, as well as in Anbar Governorate and Al-Nukhayb city, pointing out:” The two parties are in the process of completing some logistical and technical requirements, and we expect to open it soon. ”

Al-Janabi described the joint relations as: “a product of common religious, tribal and cultural commonalities between the two brotherly countries, and that there is complete agreement in the visions between the leaderships of the two countries,” pointing out “King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz and Crown Prince are keen to support the policy of openness towards Iraq.”

He stressed that “the success of security cooperation between the two countries does not mean a lack of follow-up and monitoring of criminal and terrorist elements, foremost among which is ISIS, which always tries to breach the borders,” stressing that “the strength of confronting these elements stops their efforts.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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