Before the arrival of the budget schedules, a government parliamentary meeting held to discuss the mechanism for financing governorate projects

Baghdad, The Parliamentary Finance Committee held today, Tuesday a joint meeting with officials from the Ministry of Finance, ‘Director of the Accounting Department, Jamil Thajib, and Director General of the Budget, Wasan Saad,’ to discuss mechanisms for financing projects in the operational and investment budget for the year 2024.

The committee reviewed the project financing mechanism in the operational and investment budget, and the need to ensure justice in financing projects for all governorates.

The Finance Committee confirmed that it is awaiting the arrival of the tables for the Federal General Budget Law for the year 2024, for the purpose of reviewing and discussing them before submitting them to a vote.

The directors of the Accounting and Budget Departments provided a detailed explanation of the mechanism for implementing the 2023 budget, including the release of the financial amounts allocated to the projects, following up on the disbursement of the Food Security Law amounts and the mechanism for
financing spending units with the amounts allocated to each governorate, and focusing on ongoing projects.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency