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Danfoss Leading the Charge Against Counterfeit Products in the UAE

Thousands of fake Danfoss products seized in Sharjah,Dubai and Ajman with the support of the authorities, Dubai Police and Economic Department

DUBAI, UAE, April 16, 2019/PRNewswire/ — Leading engineering firm, Danfoss, has been conducting large-scale raids to combat counterfeit products in the UAE’s construction and HVACR market in partnership with authorities in Sharjah and Ajman.

In recognition of the efforts of the Ajman Economic Development Department, Sharjah Economic Department and Dubai police, Danfoss Intellectual Property team conducted three appreciation ceremonies in the Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah Emirates. The authorities had been working hand-in-hand with the Danfoss IP team to impose a major crack down on the sale of counterfeit goods and to overcome illegal trading activities for the benefit of the UAE economy and the safety of its citizens across the country.

A series of successful raids against warehouses have already taken place in Sharjah and Ajman industrial area and free zone in the past 12 months, claiming and destroying thousands of fake Danfoss products, including compressors, filter driers, sight glass and expansion valves.

His excellency Brigadier Jamal Salem Ali Al-Jalaf, Director General of Criminal Investigation Department said that the protection of Danfoss products against counterfeits is a direct protection to the consumers from the danger that would lead to terrible accidents. The protection of the brand owners supports the foreign investment. Dubai Police confirms full support and continue strict legal actions and procedures against the counterfeiters.

His excellency Sultan Abdullah Bin Hadh Al Swaidi, The President of Sharjah Economic Development Department, confirmed that the Sharjah Economic Development Department is always keen to put practical plan in the field and to organize continuous proactive raids in the UAE market.  These raids are conducted around the year by professional team of inspectors from the Consumer protection section in Sharjah Economic Department to make sure that all the business transactions are legally done and to raise awareness between the traders and the consumers. In addition to that fighting each aspect of the commercial fraud and stop the illegal trade which some people do. These actions are supporting the strategy for the Economic growth in Sharjah to reach the leadership in investment and economic growth in order to have a competitive economy with big diversity based on innovation and knowledge.

His excellency thanked Danfoss for their appreciation to Sharjah Economic Department inspectors. His excellency praised Ms Sally Hansen’s speech (the Global Brand Protection Senior Manager) in which she thanked Sharjah Economic Department for the great support and work. She praised Sharjah resources in economic stability and safe environment for the brand owner which will lead to more investment and joint project with Sharjah.

His excellency confirmed that Sharjah Economic Department is very keen to have the best practice and procedure to provide the best Customer service in line with the Consumers protection law. His excellency emphasis that the Economic Department is committed to work with the traders and the consumers to have fair and professional relationship between them. His excellency the president of Sharjah Economic Department thanked the inspection team for their continuous efforts in fighting commercial fraud.

His highness Shiekh Abdullah Bin Naser Al Nouaimi, the president of Ajman Economic Development Department appreciates the great cooperation between Danfoss and Ajman Economic Development Department which lead to big seizures of counterfeit Danfoss products. These counterfeit products are dangerous and may cause high safety issues and possible horrible accidents. His Highness added, we seized these dangerous counterfeit products before they reach consumers. His Highness added that the great cooperation between Danfoss and Ajman Economic Development Department supports Danfoss investment in UAE in a safe environment by the protection of their trade marks. His Highness emphasis on providing a continuous support to Danfoss, the brand owner and take all the legal actions against the infringers to protect the consumers and the right holders.

“Danfoss products are developed with years of experience and an impressive platform of knowledge and expertise. The products we use and the technology we apply is of the highest quality, and our products go through a stringent and thorough approval process to ensure they are safe for installation and use. Counterfeit products on the other hand are dangerous, and using fakes products in the HVACR industry can lead to grave consequences,” commented Abier Wasouf, Regional Anti-counterfeit Counsel for the Middle East and Africa at Danfoss.

The use of fake products lead to a much greater risk of fire and other hazards that compromise safety. Counterfeit products also require greater maintenance, have increased energy consumption, have a shorter life span and can ultimately damage the reputation of the company using them.

Danfoss is continuously supporting the UAE authorities in a bid to lead the charge through providing training to inspectors in the Sharjah, Dubai and Ajman Economic Departments & police, as well as conducting regular meetings to share knowledge and experiences in the fight against counterfeits.

Customers who are in doubt or come across a fake product, are urged to come forward to the UAE authorities or Danfoss representatives in order to create a safer and more efficient environment.

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