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G20 Finance Ministers and Governors of the Central Banks Issue Final Communique 5 Riyadh

We support the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI)'s emphasis on digital financial inclusion of underserved groups, especially women and youth, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We welcome the progress on streamlining the GPFI work program and structure and ask the GPFI to update its Terms of Reference as per the endorsed A Roadmap to 2020.

We reaffirm our support for the FATF, as the global AML and CFT standard-setting body for preventing and combating money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing. We reiterate our strong commitment to tackle all sources, techniques and channels of these threats. We reaffirm our commitment to strengthening the FATF's global network of regional bodies, including by supporting their expertise in mutual evaluations, and call for the full, effective and swift implementation of the FATF standards worldwide. We support the ongoing actions by the FATF to strengthen the global response to proliferation financing. We ask the FATF to remain vigilant with respect to emerging financial technologies that may allow for new methods of illicit financing. We look forward to the FATF's Strategic Review.

Source: Saudi Press Agency