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GAC Group Releases ‘Glass Green Energy Plan’ – Embracing Change Through Cultivation Of ‘Four New Modernizations’

GUANGZHOU, China, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — From April 19 to 28, GAC GROUP and several of its top executives attended the 19th annual Auto Shanghai, one of China’s largest automobile expositions.

The event at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center gathers car companies from around the world to showcase their newest products and services. Every year, it attracts thousands of global media outlets and around 1 million audience.

GAC GROUP was proud to share some of the last 12 month’s best products, information and technologies with enthusiastic attendees.

Fittingly for GAC GROUP, a company whose ethos revolves around innovation, the theme of this year’s expo is “Embracing Change”. Billions of yuan funneled into research have resulted in new technologies for GAC GROUP, including lighter, longer life “sponge silicon” batteries, and superfast charging technology that can charge an electric vehicle in less than 20 minutes.

Talks evolving around theme “Craftsmanship for the Sustainable Future” were given by company executives, including General Manager Feng XingYa, who spoke about the GLASS plan and eTIME framework. The GLASS plan embodies GAC GROUP’s green energy principles and is also in tune with the national “two carbon” plan, focused on reducing emissions and shifting towards greener energy sources.

Electrification is a large part of transformation. GAC GROUP’s plan for new energy vehicles as well as hybrid vehicles is to each make up 20% of total sales volume by 2025. By 2035, GAC GROUP will strive to produce and sell 5 million vehicles, 50% of which will be energy-saving, and 50% of which will be completely new energy vehicles.

Wu Jian, President of the GAC R&D Center, shared with Auto Shanghai attendees’ new advances in chassis DNA and hybrid technology, which will lead an exciting future.

The GAC MOTOR GS4 Plus and the Aion Y made their first appearances at the show, attracting reporters and buyers alike. Also popular with audiences was the fleet of six EMPOW55 sports cars. By the end of the week-long show, GAC GROUP expects considerable success in media coverage as well as advances in sales, leads and brand reach.

As the 14th five-year plan comes into effect, GAC GROUP will continue to strive towards innovation on a world stage. With quality at the core, artistry in the details, and sustained investment in research and technology, the future is bright.

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