Government advisor: We have achieved important steps in confronting desertification and drought and we have promising projects

Baghdad -A government advisor disclosed strategic plans and projects implemented by the government to confront climate change in Iraq.

Ali Al-Lami, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Environment and Climate Affairs, said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency /NINA: “There is a major government effort in the issue of desertification and drought, especially through the initiative of Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani to plant five million trees, as part of the government’s directions to develop green cover within residential cities.”

He added: “We have strategic plans and promising projects to create green belts around cities, as well as develop green cover in many valleys and deserts within the Iraqi borders to stop the encroachment of sand dunes, stabilize the soil, and reduce dust and dust storms,” indicating: “Projects to combat desertification and drought generally require time to be achieved.”

He continued to say: “The government has approved all financial allocations related to the project to stabilize sand dunes and develop green cover in deserts, as well as establishing green belts and planting squares inside cities to reduce the rise in temperatures and reduce the intensity of dust through the presence of green cover.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency