Imam Abdulaziz Royal Reserve Plants Over One Million Trees, Shrubs During First Half of 2024

Riyadh: The Imam Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Royal Reserve Development Authority has completed the planting of more than one million and 200,000 trees and shrubs during the first half of this year 2024. This is part of the Authority’s plan to resettle indigenous wild plants in the Imam Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Royal Reserve and the King Khalid Royal Reserve.

The authority indicated that the planted wild trees and shrubs included many types, such as: Sidr, Talh, Arfaj, Arta, and others, stressing that all of them are indigenous wild plants, and were carefully selected to suit the environmental nature in the two reserves.

The authority also indicated that it has started to enhance vegetation cover and resettle indigenous wild plants since 2021, and that its efforts are continuing, aiming to preserve, increase and develop vegetation cover, in order to achieve its strategic objectives, which contribute to achieving the objectives of the Saudi Green Initiative, Saudi Vision 2030, and improving the quality of life.

urce: Saudi Press Agency