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Literary Translation: From Translation to Creativity” Panel Discussion Sheds Light on Challenges Facing Translators in the Field

Riyadh, Literary Translation: From Translation was the second panel discussion on the first day of the Translation Forum.

The panel shed light on the challenges facing translators and the ways of overcoming these challenges.

The speakers affirmed that any individual wishing translate a literary masterpiece into a target language must be a good good reader for literary works.

They also highlighted ways of supporting literary translation.

The integrity in translating literary works is not limited to conveying literal meaning but rather it extends to conveing the creativity, said the speakers. Moreover, they agreed that the machine translation currently is far away from being able to translate literary works.

Dr. Shareef Bugnah and Emmanuel Varlet participated in the discussion. The discussion was moderated by Prof. Ibrahim Alqarni.

Source: Saudi Press Agency