Malaysian Minister of Home Affairs: Makkah Route Initiative Facilitates Pilgrims’ Travel Procedures

Malaysian Minister of Home Affairs, Saifuddin Nasution bin Ismail, commended Makkah Road Initiative for its significant role in facilitating pilgrims’ travel procedures from Malaysia to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since its launch in 2017.

He also thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for initiating this program.

During the Minister’s visit today to the designated hall for Makkah Road Initiative at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, he was accompanied by the Representative of the Ministry of Interior and Supervisor of the Initiative Hall, Colonel Abdullah Al-Aiban.

The Minister had the opportunity to meet with the initiative’s team and was provided with an update on the hall’s preparedness to facilitate the Hajj trip.

He also received a detailed briefing on the implementation procedures of the initiative from both Saudi and Malaysian perspectives.

Source: Saudi Press Agency