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MoH Provides Services To More Than 4 And A Half Million Visitors So Far


The Minister of Health, Saleh Mahdi Al-Hasnawi, announced today, Sunday, the provision of health services to more than 4 million and 753 thousand visitors since the launch of the health support plan for the Arbaeen visit until now.

Al-Hasnawi said, in a statement: "Hospitals, specialized and primary health centers, fixed and mobile medical detachments, military medicine, the crowd medicine, the Red Crescent, and volunteer health teams continue around the clock to provide health services to visitors in the Holy Karbala and the routes that visitors take."

He added, "The statistics on health services within the health support plan for the Arbaeen pilgrimage were as follows: health services for about (4,753,238) visitors, the number of x-ray examinations (10,133), the number of resonance imaging and scanners (1570), the number of sonar examinations (2,187), and the number of laboratory tests (43,648), the number of surgeries (795), the number of deliveries (616), the number of emergency cases that were transferred by first aid (3,220), and the number of bottles of blood collected during blood donation campaigns (3,908).

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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