Once again, Rebirth Beirut, in partnership with Medco and all its supporters, proves that, despite all the challenges in the region, it continues to spread its message to revive the vibrant heart of the capital, Beirut, by lighting its streets one after another.

Lately, the association illuminated the streets surrounding Saint Joseph University as part of the ‘Light Up Our Community’ initiative, which was launched in May 2022 with Medco. So far, it has illuminated 143 streets, in addition to main avenues, 4 squares, two gardens, two stairs, and one tunnel in Beirut, with the aim of adding more brightness to the city.

In the current initiative, 4 streets are added to the list in collaboration with Saint Joseph University, knowing that this is not the first cooperation with the university, as this was preceded by the lighting of Huvelin Street, in addition to Alfred NaccacheAvenue with Hotel Dieu Hospital.

The president and founder of Rebirth Beirut, Mr. Gaby Fernaine,expressed his pride in everything they
are doing and said: ‘We are proud to light up these new streets, which confirms Beirut’s status as the capital of culture and major universities, and confirms that it will not sink into darkness! Today, we celebrate not only the brilliance of the lights, but also the hope and reassurance they symbolize for all who pass through them, including Students, professors, employees of Saint Joseph University, and the people of the neighborhood.’

Fernaine thanked Father Salim Daccache, the president of the university, and all its employees for their cooperation, especially Mr. Wassim Selwane, Ms. Christine Omeira, and Ms. Mona Tabet.

He also thanked wildlife photographer Michel Zoghzoghi for his generous donation, as well as the neighborhood families for their kind contributions to cover the cabling and installation costs.

In addition to thanking the main partner in the initiative, Ms. Michelle Chammas Gharzouzi, chief innovation officer at Medco.

Light Inc. provided Philips LED lighting devices, and this comes af
ter signing a memorandum of understanding with Light Inc. to provide 562 lighting lamps.

Fernaine also thanked the Internal Security Forces, the Lebanese Army and General Security, in addition to the permanent supporter, the Governor of Beirut, Judge Marwan Abboud, who accompanied the association in its projects, street after street.

Mrs. Michelle Chammas Garzouzi said that she believes in life and revitalization of the city and the importance of supporting initiatives that will restore life to the beating heart of Lebanon: Beirut.

President of USJ, Father Salim Daccache, thanked the efforts made by Rebirth Beirut, praising the role of the local community in helping in these difficult circumstances and contributing to keeping Beirut the beacon of the East.

In his turn, Governor Marwan Abboud welcomed the initiative and thanked the efforts of the private sector made to keep Beirut the capital of light, love and culture.

He said: ‘We thank all the good people and those who work for keeping the city illumin
ated and preventing it from sinking into darkness. We are children of light and our capital will remain a beacon for the whole world’.

Source: National news agency – Lebanon