Saudi Café at Most Famous Mall in Washington Attracts Large Crowds

Washington, A Saudi café at the most famous mall in Washington has become a center where Saudi and Arab residents, as well as locals, gather to enjoy coffee and other desserts typical to the Kingdom.

Bandar Al-Hanaki, a student in the US, said he sought to introduce the Saudi culture and coffee tradition to the US market, especially that the Saudi coffee is now exported to various parts of the world.

He said it all started in 2019 with offering Saudi coffee and several types of desserts, and then he took advantage of the “coffee hour” event at a US university, which attracted many as the coffee was offered for free. Having been well received, mainly among Arab communities that wished to have Saudi coffee, the café was established.

Al-Hanaki said that the US press highlighted the café during Ramadan, and in time, more than 60% of the customers were locals.

He urged fellow students to take the initiative and highlight the culture of their countries.

Source: Saudi Press Agency