Taif University Makes Significant Progress in SCImago Rankings

Taif University has made significant progress in SCImago University Rankings 2023 in the fields of surgery, soil science, animal science and zoology, and ocean engineering.


Taif University occupied new spots in the ranking based on research, innovation, and societal impact.


In surgery, the university soared up to the second place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this year, up from the tenth in the 2022 ranking. King Saud University remains at the top of the list of the Saudi universities in the field.


Taif University came third in the soil science area and fourth in each of animal science and zoology and ocean engineering areas.


Taif University official spokesperson Mazen Al-Marisi, said: “This progress in the ranking reflects the university’s excellence in scientific research, innovation, and societal impact.”


“The progress also reflects the role of the university in supporting scientific research and innovation as well as its contribution to societal progress and sustainable development,” Al-Marisi said.


This year’s achievement is attributed to the distinguished academic expertise of the university’s colleges and departments in addition to the university’s scientific research strategy that enhances its local, regional, and international presence, the spokesman added.




Source: Saudi Press Agency