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University of Bahrain collaborates with Belfrics Group to launch ‘BlockEd’

– A combined movement to spread the knowledge on blockchain across the region

SAKHIR, Kingdom of Bahrain, April 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The University of Bahrain (UoB), one of the leading technology and engineering institutes in Bahrain, and Belfrics Academy SDN BHD, the research, international training and skill development vertical of the international blockchain conglomerate, Belfrics Group of Companies, jointly conducted an awareness programme ‘BlockEd’ on the Blockchain technology, in a combined effort to address the knowledge-gap and the rapidly-growing requirement Blockchain Talents in the industry.

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“We all know that Blockchain will be the technological-infrastructure context upon which further innovations and utilities will be built. Although Internet is filled with a number of online courses on Blockchain technology, the sad reality is that the quality of talent and knowledge that is out there isn’t close to what the industry needs. There is still a large knowledge-gap and void in terms of the quality and quantity of blockchain talent in the market. Such collaborations can channelize the effort to address this gap in the MENA region,” said Praveenkumar Vijayakumar, Founder and CEO — Belfrics Group of Companies.

Being one of the torchbearers on the forefront in the space of capacity building for the latest technologies in the industry, UoB strongly believes blockchain to be the next big wave in the digital transformation of the world, and especially, Bahrain. Belfrics Group of Companies has been among the few spearheading the blockchain movement across the globe. With its presence in Malaysia, Bahrain, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Mexico and India, Belfrics is one of the pioneers in the field of blockchain, and works with government bodies, financial regulators, and conglomerates for a blockchain-ready infrastructure. Belfrics is also the first global blockchain company to have obtained a Sandbox License under the Central Bank of Bahrain to set up a cryptocurrency exchange, and to pilot and implement its KYC based blockchain solutions.

Belfrics Academy, the international research and skill-development vertical of Belfrics, is dedicated to customized blockchain training for universities, colleges, and training institutes. It also engages in capacity building for government bodies, regulators, and private organizations. Belfrics Academy also mentors and nurtures Blockchain talents by setting up innovation hubs within the university campuses to drive and mentor more blockchain talent and ideas.

Belfrics is one among a handful of companies that have developed and built their own blockchain, Belrium, which is now live and deployed, and is being considered as the technology carrier by government bodies and conglomerates for solutions from identity data harmonization to supply chain infrastructure, and smart governance infrastructure to healthcare infrastructure around the globe.

This collaborative effort between UoB and Belfrics comes at a very crucial stage, with Blockchain technology being strongly anticipated to be the driver for the next stream of technological innovations. The Kingdom of Bahrain can benefit from this shift, as there has already been evidence of openness and acceptance of newer technologies such as the blockchain, while other notions are still waiting to decide to whether or not they must plunge.

We are pleased to see prestigious institutes like The University of Bahrain come forward and be open to the needs of the industry. I strongly believe this is the right time, when we’re between being proactive and being reactive to industry demands. Employment and development are key, and for that we must understand where the future is. In fact, we’re pleasantly surprised to see the level of awareness and the requests from other prestigious institutes from the MENA Region for blockchain skill development. Since we are one of the main blockchain talent hirers ourselves, we are aware of the quality and quantity of the talent available currently. Such collaborations like ‘BlockEd’ are required to address the current gap.,”says E C Uday Senan, Global Strategist – Belfrics Academy

Senior Blockchain Developer and Senior Faculty, Chary, conducted ‘BlockEd’ where students and professors from the University curiously gathered to participate. “To be honest, I think more of such sessions and talks like BlockEd are required just to clear the air and myth about the technology, even more than addressing the significance of it and the talent need in the industry. It was very pleasing to see the level of clarity and the difference we were able to achieve among the audience at the end of it!” The programme was also honored with the presence of the Management of UoB; Dr. Lamya Mohamed Aljasmi, Dean of the College of Information Technology and Dr. Abdulla Alqaddoumi, Assistant Professor.

The University of Bahrain and Belfrics Academy, through this programme, aim at building awareness about the technology, its demand, significance and potential in shaping the world’s future digital infrastructure.

For more information about The University of Bahrain, please visit and for more information about Belfrics Academy.

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