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Protesters in front of the Basra Provincial Council demanded the rejection of the project of the Region and improve services

Basra, Hundreds of citizens in the province of Basra organized on Tuesday, a sit-in confirmed the rejection of the project of Basra Region and demanded to improve services amid tight security.

The protesters called in front of the provincial council building "to form a government of national salvation and the dismissal of the general managers who have been several years on their positions."

The protesters also rejected "the project of the Region of Basra in addition to radical reforms and the formation of a government of national salvation and account of the corrupt who stole the people's money.

They called on the central government to fulfill its promises and commitments towards the people of Basra in providing services and employment of the unemployed and improve electricity and save Basra from salinity water.

Basra province has been witnessing sit-ins and demonstrations since the beginning of July to demand the provision of services and job creation for the unemployed instead of foreign workers.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency