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A Leading Figure In Daesh Killed, Another Arrested Northeast Of Baquba

Baquba, The Diyala police command announced the arrest of a serious terrorist in the Daesh organization, northeast of Baquba.

Colonel Ghalib Attia, a spokesman for the Diyala police command, told the NINA correspondent that an active terrorist in the Daesh cells was caught in the hands of the security forces after being lured into an ambush north-east of Baquba.

He added that the strategy of ambushes, which the security forces have begun to implement recently, has been succeeded in the arrest of dozens of leaders and militants of Daesh during this year.

On the other hand, a security source in Diyala confirmed the killing of a leader of Daesh organization in a conflict between two terrorist cells in the orchards of the Waqf Basin northeast of Baquba.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency