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Mario Aoun opts for counterbalancing shares, portfolios among parties

In an interview with the "Voice of Lebanon 93.3" radio station on Tuesday, Deputy Mario Aoun said, "The soon to be formed cabinet will be the tenure's first, and it must be a government of national unity that intends no obstruction to the tenure's journey."

"I must stress the importance of counterbalancing shares between parties and the equal distribution of government portfolios so that everything could be acceptable for everyone. The president possessing an initial formula hints that a new dynamic for the formation of the cabinet is being planned. The content of the draft shall remain confidential between the president and the prime minister until the president deems it fit to be announced," MP Aoun said.

"We need to form the cabinet as soon as possible. Prime Minister Hariri's move represents a step forward towards the formation. The topic of distributing the ministries will be brought up during today's bloc's meeting," he announced.

Source: National News Agency