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Houthi explosive-laden boats destroyed

Riyadh, Spokesman of the Coalition Forces in Support of the Legitimacy in Yemen Colonel Turki Al Malki said that the Royal Saudi Navy Forces detected an attempt by the terrorist Iranian-backed Houthi militia to target Port of Jazan.

"At 4:50 and 5:05 the Royal Saudi Navy Forces detected the movement of two remote control explosive-laden boats headed to Port of Jazan. They were intercepted and destroyed in accordance with the Rules of Engagement, which has led to minimal damage," he said, according to Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

"The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will strike with an iron fist all those who get involved with acts of terrorism that threaten the safety of Saudi Nationals, residents, economy and vital capabilities. Those hostile acts will not go by without holding the ones executing, plotting and planning them accountable for their actions," he reaffirmed.

Source: Bahrain News Agency