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Exotic Taif Roses Simulation Performed at Taif Rose Festival


At the third Taif Rose Festival, organisers offer visitors an entertaining experience in a modern and cozy atmosphere through visual and interactive activities, including a simulation of Taif roses. The festival also includes live performances that talk about the centuries the Taif roses have been cultivated, with the aim of showcasing the cultural, economic and historical value of these valuable flowers.

The festival has taken visitors and tourists from a local to a global level through exceptional, exciting, entertaining and interactive events and activities. It enabled visitors to enjoy all shows and performances in Alrudaf Park in the city, amble around the festival areas, including around the village and mountain of roses, the Kings’ Fragrance Exhibition, and other areas where the festival is being held.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) has captured through its lens the Taif roses and a number of events and performances. The festival is attended by visitors of all ages who were attracted to the interactive scenery shown on huge screens equipped with 4DSOUND technology that enhances the beauty of the roses and enables visitors to live an exceptional experience.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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