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Film Commission Launches Financial Refunds Incentive Program with up to 40% to Support Saudi, International Film Production


Cannes– The Film Commission announced commencing the application of a financial refund incentive program with up to 40% of qualified expenses for incentives to support film production, which will make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a global destination for film production. The program provides big support to local, regional and international film producers to shoot their works inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in a way that guarantees the growth of the film production, increases its competitive capability in the international arena, and develops the creative economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The commission called on Saudi and international production companies that are planning to partially or fully shoot in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to apply for the incentive program through the website so as to benefit from the financial refunds of up to 40% of expenses eligible for incentives according to conditions that include cooperating with local staff and talents and highlighting geographical and cultural landmarks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

CEO of the commission Eng. Abdullah Al Ayyaf said: “We are happy to welcome local, regional and international production companies to apply for the incentive program and produce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” adding that the Saudi film sector is growing in a big acceleration as we continue to invest in developing the local efficiencies, infrastructure and regulations to ensure our ability to support all business sectors. The incentive program will help empower local efficiencies, attract global expertise, develop the film sector, showcase gorgeous sites, and deliver the culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the world.

The commission’s announcement was made while concluding its participation in the 2022 Cannes Film Festival that, since its first day, witnessed a huge turnout from media outlets, filmmakers and specialists.

The cinema industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered the fastest growing in the Middle East and enjoys attractive elements for international production companies, where digital broadcast platforms seek to enhance their presence in the region through investing in developing the content and working with rising local talents to respond to the increasing demand on the local and Arab content.

Over the last 18 months Saudi Arabia has provided the backdrop for three major Hollywood films, Ric Roman Waugh’s action thriller ‘Kandahar’ filmed in the extraordinary landscape of AlUla, home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra, and Jeddah, Rupert Wyatt’s historical epic ‘Desert Warrior’ shot in the incredible new city state of Neom and the region of Tabuk, and the Russo Brothers’ crime drama ‘Cherry’ shot in AlUla and the capital Riyadh.

In addition, 8 local feature films have reached completion in the last 12 months and are ready to hit the festival circuit along with a slate of documentaries, commercials and local productions including ‘Norah’ written and directed by Tawfik Alzaidi and ‘Within Sand’ directed by Moe Alatawi. Both films were recipients of a fund award at the Saudi Film Commission’s Daw’ Film Competition, an initiative launched by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture to support Saudi film production.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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