Launching the Palestinian Media Sector Coordination Group

Ramallah – Together – A number of professional media institutions in Palestine organized a digital meeting on Wednesday 4/17 to launch the ‘Palestinian Media Sector Coordination Group.’ The group consists of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, the Palestinian Publishers Association/under establishment, the Private Broadcasting Association/under establishment, and the Media Development Center – Birzeit University.

The launch of this group comes in light of the biggest crisis facing journalists and the media sector in Palestine as a result of the ongoing brutal Israeli attack on all components of the Palestinian people in all their places in occupied Palestine, and its deadly targeting of journalists and media institutions in the Gaza Strip, which has so far resulted in the killing of more than ++ + A female journalist and a male journalist were injured +++, and the majority of the headquarters of press institutions were destroyed, in addition to the campaign of repression and intimidation and the arrest ++
+ of a female journalist and a Palestinian journalist.

This group aims to lead the efforts to rehabilitate and reform the Palestinian media sector, and to launch the process of building it financially and professionally more solid and stronger than before, so that it can fulfill its role and mission in the process of national liberation and construction by providing free and independent journalism to the Palestinian people of all sects and locations. The group has placed among its priorities the preparation of proposals and the basic needs of the media sector to be the basis for launching its work and in its dialogue with various national and international bodies concerned with developing the Palestinian press and strengthening its position.

The group also agreed to organize a joint event on May 3, World Journalist Freedom Day, to shed light on the challenges facing the Palestinian press and ways to confront them, and will invite all Palestinian organizations interested in supporting journalists, the media,
freedom of expression and basic freedoms to cooperate and work under the umbrella of the ‘Defense Alliance.’ About freedom of expression and basic freedoms in Palestine.

Participating in this meeting were Buthaina Al-Sumairi, Director of the Media Development Center, Nasser Abu Bakr, Head of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, Raed Othman, President of the Publishers Association, and Riyad Khamis, President of the Private Broadcasting Association. Representatives of the International Federation of Journalists also attended as observers.

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Source: Maan News Agency