Saudi Arabia Focuses on Quantum Future at World Quantum Day Event

Riyadh, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia marked World Quantum Day with a scientific event exploring the future of quantum technologies and their applications and the role of education and awareness in their adoption.

The Kingdom’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR KSA) organized the event, which was hosted on April 17-18. It was organized in collaboration with King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and King Salman Science Oasis (KSSO) and convened prominent figures in research, development, and innovation.

In her opening remarks, C4IR KSA Managing Director Dr. Basma Al-Buhairan emphasized the event’s significance in highlighting the achievements and potential of quantum technologies in transforming various industries to address complex challenges. She revealed the centre’s recent launch of a project focused on the quantum economy, aiming to establish a platform for collaboration between the public, private, and academic sectors in the Kingdom.

Research Associate Professor at KACS
T and Consultant at KSSO, Dr. Ibtesam Badhrees, outlined the oasis’s design of five quantum physics and quantum computing programs as part of its World Quantum Day celebrations. These programs covered the history of the Industrial Revolution, the future with quantum physics and its applications, the quantum theatre, and quantum computing, among other topics.

The first panel discussion, titled “Promoting Quantum Science, Technology and Innovation in KSA,” saw participants discuss the challenges and opportunities of quantum technologies for economic growth and sustainability and the critical role of research, development, and innovation in the success of a quantum-driven economy.

In the second discussion, titled “Role of Education and Awareness in Quantum Leap”, the participants reviewed the role of awareness-building initiatives in promoting a better understanding of quantum science and technology. They also discussed effective strategies for teaching complex quantum concepts to school students, emphasizing
the media’s and awareness programs’ vital role in raising awareness about quantum economics.

The event concluded with the third session, titled “Saudi Arabia and the Rise of Quantum Economy,” where the participants reviewed ways in which the Kingdom can strategically position itself as a leading state in emerging technologies, utilize quantum computing to accelerate innovation and research in key industries, which provides companies with a competitive advantage in the use of quantum computing, creating a quantum ecosystem to attract global investors and the world’s best talents, and harnessing quantum technologies to address national challenges.

The event included an exhibition for several participating local and international companies to introduce the latest developments in quantum technologies and their applications in telecommunications, computing, and sensors. In addition, live and virtual demonstrations of quantum science, its origins, basic concepts related to it, and its impact on our daily lives we
re held.

Source: Saudi Press Agency