Trade Ministry signs a joint cooperation agreement with the WFP to automate the ration card system

The Minister of Trade, Atheer Dawood Al-Ghurairy, signed today, Sunday, a joint cooperation agreement for the electronic ration card system project, with the Director of the World Food Program in Iraq of the United Nations, Ali Reda Qureshi.

The Ministry stated in a statement, “The joint cooperation agreement signed between the Ministry and the World Food Program stipulated providing access to a comprehensive, renewable and digitally integrated distribution system, the aim of which is to automate all procedures and reach the real numbers of beneficiaries of the ration card system to achieve food security by targeting groups due”.

The Minister stressed, “The partnership agreement achieved success, as the Ministry of Commerce worked with the World Food Program to implement the digital automation of the ration card system in the holy city of Najaf and the laboratories supply center in Sadr City as a first stage, according to a timetable, while working on a plan to start implementing it in the rest of the provinces, in implementation of the government program, because of the importance of this strategic project represents for the country’s economy, with the aim of reaching the real numbers of beneficiaries.

He pointed out, “The joint cooperation with the Food Program contributed to providing logistical and technical support in the field of building the capacities of the Ministry of Commerce’s employees, providing equipment and rehabilitating the infrastructure for the ration branches to start automating the ration card in Iraq.”

The statement added, “The two sides agreed during the signing of the partnership agreement that it will be a testament to the will and determination of both parties in their efforts aimed at providing the best in correcting the project towards the deserving groups in Iraq.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency